Sandy is a two time recipient of the Brian Merkley Memorial Award as well as having an additional four 1st place finishes in the CCCC-ER annual Participation Series since 2008. She has competed extensively in the ‘Concours Program’ and ‘Signature Series’ over several years and with a few different Corvettes. Sandy has supported the other member clubs in a myriad of ways and can be found just about everywhere during the Corvette season, volunteering at every turn.  Sandy joined the CCCC-ER executive team in 2018. She have set the bar high with her dedication to the Corvette club community in Eastern Canada.


Sandy Haars

Bob and Lynne are two time recipients of the Brian Merkley Memorial Award, and to add to that achievement, have earned an additional four 2nd place finishes in the CCCC-ER annual Participation Series since 2008.  Their support for the Eastern Canada Corvette community is outstanding and they can be counted on to be pretty much everywhere during the season.  They have campaigned their C6 and C7 gems in the ‘Concours Program’ and ‘Signature Concours’ series and encourage others to do the same.  Beyond all this, both Bob and Lynne hold positions on the CCCC-ER executive.

In 2019, your Council introduced the CCCC-ER Hall of Fame.  We are pleased to recognize those individuals in our Corvette community who have sustained a high level of results in our Participation Series over a period of years as well as those acknowledged with the Brian Merkley Memorial Award for their significant contributions over time.  Our member clubs thank you for your support!

Bob and Lynne Fisher

The following CRITERIA have been set out for induction into the CCCC-ER Hall of Fame:

  •   A member has achieved two first-place placements in the CCCC-ER Participation Series  - OR -
  •   A member is a two-time recipient of the Brian Merkley Memorial Award
  •   Must be a CCCC-ER member in good standing at the time of the proposed Hall of Fame induction